The Penn Arts & Sciences Annual Fund

The Arts & Sciences Annual Fund underwent a full rebrand in the fall of 2019. The new branding included fresh photography of students and professors, bold hand-drawn typography, and a suite of icons that are a subtle nod to Penn’s origins and its founder.

Art direction, design, and video by Lusi Klimenko. Icon animation by Drew Nealis. Copywriting by Lauren Rebecca Thacker.

A suite of printed self-mailers were developed that featured students and faculty on campus.

A micro site was developed to give the brand an online presence and allow users to have a place to browse more information about the Fund and its mission. Visit the Annual Fund website.

This video gives a snapshot of the impact of the Annual Fund as well as the liberal arts and promotes brand across Penn’s digital platforms.

The Arts & Sciences Annual Fund Powers Students, Faculty, and Everything at Penn Arts & Sciences
from Penn Arts & Sciences on Vimeo.

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